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John Sullivan

Chief Information Officer, Senior Vice President of Technology

As Senior Vice President, Information Technology, John Sullivan oversees core areas of technology for Major League Soccer, including systems and infrastructure, enterprise solutions, IT support, network and cyber-security.

Sullivan is a veteran technologist with more than 15 years of experience designing infrastructure, managing technology operations and developing strategic plans around enterprise information technology. Under his leadership, MLS is deploying modern and cloud-based technologies throughout the organization with a focus on enabling productivity and collaboration, integrating systems and data, improving management capabilities, ensuring business continuity and applying security solutions across the enterprise.

Sullivan, who joined MLS in 2002, has been intricately involved in a wide range of technology projects that support the growth and expansion of the League. In recent years, he has adopted a cloud-first approach to technology initiatives to enable quicker deployments, scalability and business continuity benefits across the organization. He has managed the implementation of a range of applications to streamline business process including the league’s Intranet, CRM platform and financial reporting solutions. Sullivan was instrumental in the deployment of the League’s fiber network, connecting all MLS venues with fiber connectivity to facilitate video and data transfers. Most recently, he has been focused on developing and implementing a comprehensive cyber-security program for the League.

Prior to joining MLS, Sullivan worked as a Network Engineer at Kiodex, a financial services and risk management startup that is now part of SunGard.

Sullivan is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and lives in Queens, N.Y. with his wife and four children.